Bettag's E.T.E Class

Welcome to Mr. Bettag's Page!

Contact Information
Phone: 765.772.4700 ex.2627
Office Hours: 7:30am-8:00am M-F, 3:15-4:00pm on most days (contact beforehand to confirm)

Class Expectations

Everyone is expected to come to class prepared to learn. You will always be required to have your 1:1 device, your portfolio, a pen/pencil, and to be on time. Once the bell has rung, students are expected to be in the classroom, have cell phones silenced and put away, and in their assigned seat.

Everyone is expected to participate and complete class activities. When activities are completed as group work you can expect to be graded as both a group and as an individual.

An assignment is rarely complete before its due date. Be sure to use all available class time to produce a high quality product. If homework is assigned, it is expected that the assignment be turned in on the assigned due date. Late penalties will be applied but the expectation of completing the assignment is still in effect.

Show respect to the teacher, other students, and class equipment. Whenever the teacher gives instruction it is imperative that students pay close attention and ask questions if there is something they do not understand.

1. Students will be given one official verbal warning
2. Student will be assigned a teacher detention and parent will be notified.
3. Student will be referred to the office for administrative action.

*Detentions may be assigned at any point as determined by the teacher.

Grading Scale:
100-90% A
89-80% B
79-70% C
69-60% D
59-0% F

Contact Information:

You are welcome to e-mail me any questions regarding class at If e-mail is unavailable, you may call and leave a message at 772-4700, ext. 2627. Be aware that e-mails will generally receive a faster response during the school day.

Useful Links
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Interactive Simulations
Using the PhET site from the University of Colorado at Boulder, use the many simulations to learn about all the different content areas.
WolframAlpha: computational knowledge engine
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