Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites: None 
(DOE Course Code: 4560)

Do you want to know about the law?  In 1st semester, Business and Personal Law develops a basic understanding of the law and how closely it relates to daily life. The basic sources of law in the United States and our court systems are studied. We take a trip to the courthouse and meet with one of the Superior Court judges. Business Law also thoroughly covers contract law. In 2nd semester, Business and Personal Law continues by emphasizing the study of the Law of Sales, Property Law, and Employment Law as well as the study of Legal Forms of Business Organization.

Full year course, 1 credit per semester, may be repeated – Prerequisites: Interview by Panel (DOE Course Code: 0522)

JAG-Indiana (Jobs for America’s Graduates) is a national curriculum that is designed to support students’ steps toward graduation based on developing employability skills. The curriculum is centered in core competencies that assure success in the labor market. Course activities provide opportunities for students to practice the skills needed to enter the job market. Career counseling, mentoring, and classroom instruction is provided by the JAG specialist.

Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites: Intro to Computer Science OR Principles of Engineering OR Instructor Approval 
(DOE Course Code: 4801)

Designed for 9-12 grade students, Computer Science introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. This course complements CS Discoveries with a deeper focus on concepts such as how the internet works and the societal impacts of computer science. The course works for beginners and students with experience in our other courses. 

Full year course, 1-3 credit per semester, 6 credits maximum – Prerequisites: Computer Science I (DOE Course Code: 5236)

Computer Science II explores and builds skills in programming and a basic understanding of the fundamentals of procedural program development using structured, modular concepts. Coursework emphasizes logical program design involving user-defined functions and standard structure elements. Discussions will include the role of data types, variables, structures, addressable memory locations, arrays and pointers, and data file access methods. An emphasis on logical program design using a modular approach, which involves task oriented program functions
Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites: None 
(DOE Course Code: 4528)

Do you want the technology skills to be successful in college and the career you choose? Technology is used to build students decision-making and problem-solving skills. Students will learn expert skills in databases, spreadsheets, word processing, one note and presentation software.  This course is valuable for anyone going to college or entering the business world after high school. 

Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites:  Introduction to Business or Principles of Marketing (DOE Course Code: 5966)

Introduces entrepreneurship and develops skills, and tools critical for starting and succeeding in a new venture. Students will study and develop all aspects of a business plan based on their own entrepreneurial idea. Classroom activities may include guest speakers, internet activities, and field trip experiences. Students with an interest in starting their own business will benefit from this class.

Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites: None 
(DOE Course Code: 4524)

Accounting introduces the language of business using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and procedures for proprietorships and partnerships using double-entry accounting. Emphasis is placed on accounting principles as they relate to both manual and automated financial systems. This course involves understanding, analyzing, and recording business transactions and preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial reports as a basis for decision-making.

1 semester course, 1 credit, offered both semesters – Prerequisites: None (DOE Course Code: 4518)

Introduction to Business introduces students to the world of business, marketing and entrepreneurship including the concepts, functions, and skills required to meet the challenges of operating a business in the twenty-first century on a local, national, and international scale. The course further develops business vocabulary, and provides an overview of business and the role that business plays in economic, social and political environments. Dual credit may be available.

1 semester course, 1 credit, offered both semesters– Prerequisites:  None (DOE Course Code: 4803)

Introduction to Computer Science allows students to explore the world of Computer Science.  Students will gain a broad understanding of the areas composing Computer Science.  There will be a focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will create basic websites and create basic apps.


1 semester course, 1 credit, offered both semesters – Prerequisites:  None (DOE Course Code: 4540)

Getting out of high school and ready to be on your own? How can you get a credit card? Are you eligible for a car loan? Is insurance necessary? What types of investments are secure?
This course focuses on personal financial planning for all individuals. To provide a basis for avoiding financial pitfalls, students will learn financial concepts and principles such as: financial responsibility and decision making, relating income and careers, financial planning and money management, managing credit and debit cards, risk management and insurance, and saving and investing.

Personal Financial Responsibility fulfills the state Financial Literacy Education (FLE) requirement for graduation. 

1 semester course, 1 credit, offered both semesters – Prerequisites:  None (DOE Course Code: 5394)

This course includes reviewing the 16 national career clusters and Indiana’s College and Career Pathways, in-depth investigation of one or more pathways, reviewing graduation plans, and developing career plans. Other topics addressed include:  exploration of personal aptitudes, interests, values, and goals; planning and building employability skills; transferring school skills to life and work; and managing personal resources.

Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites:  Introduction to Business (DOE Course Code: 4562)

Principles of Business Management focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers as well as opportunities and challenges of ethically managing a business in the free enterprise system.  Students will attain an understanding of management, team building, leadership, problem solving steps and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.  The management of human and financial resources is emphasized.

Full year course, 1 credit per semester – Prerequisites:  None 
(DOE Course Code: 5914)

Principles of Marketing provides a basic introduction to the scope and importance of marketing in the global economy. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communications, mathematical applications, problem solving and critical thinking skills as they relate to advertising / promotion /selling, distribution, financing, marketing – information management, pricing, and product / service management.

1 semester course offered 2nd semester, 1 credit – Prerequisites: Digital Applications and Responsibility or Introduction to Computer Science or by instructor approval (DOE Course Code: 4574)

Do want to learn how to design and create web pages? This is a course that provides instruction in the principles of web design using HTML and CSS and current/emerging software programs. Students will apply the skills they have learned to plan, design, and publish Web Pages. 

Full year course, 1 related class credit per semester, 1-2 work credits per semester – Prerequisites: Instructor approval (DOE Course Code: 5260)

Work Based Learning Capstone is a senior internship program that provides students an opportunity to explore their career interest with on-the-job training (students must average 15 hours per week – release periods are given, schedule permitting). The Work Based Learning Related class includes speakers, field trips, and a curriculum in money management, financial skills, expectations and responsibilities of living on your own, reinforcing computer skills, and career exploration.

The Work Based Learning work program includes a variety of career interests: Administrative, Marketing/Sales/Retailing/Advertising, Finance, Business Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Law Enforcement (Public Safety and Security), Automotive, Veterinarian/Animal Care, and Travel and Tourism. Students who are already employed may be eligible for this program.

This “earn as you learn” program allows students to earn up to 6 credits for a full year.